Sprockets, Roller Chain Sprockets & Taper Lock Bushes

At Sprockets and chain.com we supply a comprehensive range of chain sprockets and gear sprockets for British Standard and ANSI chain as well as custom size sprockets. With our in house facilty for machining pilot bored sprockets we can supply sprockets and taper lock bushes to your exact specification. We offer a wide selection of precision-engineered, quality roller chain sprocket serving the drive transmission and precision mechanical industries. Sprockets are used to transmit rotary motion between two shafts where gears are unsuitable or to impart linear motion to a track, tape etc. We offer exclusive distribution for a number of standard dimension sprockets and gears and taper lock bushes across the leading sprocket manufacturers. Put simply we offer the best sprockets at the best price.


Chain Sprocket Compatibility

The majority of chain drives incorporate an uneven amount of pitches on the chain and by adopting a driver sprocket that incorporates an odd number of teeth results in uniform wear distribution across both the chain and the sprocket teeth. It is possible to utilise chain sprockets with even numbers of teeth but it is likely that this will incur a higher level of wear distribution on both the chain and the sprocket.

When researching sprocket types its important to note that the maximum number of teeth should not exceed 114 on any given sprocket. This is because the elongation of a chain sprocket due to wear, the working pitch diameter of the chain on the sprocket increases in relation to the nominal pitch diameter, i.e. the chain assumes a higher position on the sprocket tooth. The safe chain wear is rated to be in the order of 2% elongation over nominal length.


Chain Sprockets

Sprocket Performance & Optimisation (Gears and Sprockets)

To ensure the optimum wear life of your sprocket, the centre distance between two sprockets is recommended to be within the range 30 to 50 times the drive chain / roller chain pitch. On drive proposals with centre distances below 30 pitches or greater than 2 metres, it is recommend that you speak with one of our technical team to ensure you buy the right sprockets for the right job. The minimum centre distance is often influenced by the degree of chain lap on the roller chain sprocket; our recommendation in these cases is to ensure no less than six teeth with full engagement with the chain.

Performance and high strength industrial chain usually requires specialist carbon steel sprockets. Alternatives such as cast iron sprockets with fewer teeth may offer the strength ratios required to perform the desired job. We also supply a range of steel sprockets for both single and multiple strand applications. We can recommend the most compatible chain and sprocket sets available, contact one of our knowledgeable technical advisors team today about your sprocket requirements.

Taper Lock Bushes

Taper Lock Bushes

We supply a wide range of Taper Lock Bushes which are primarily used to fit Pulleys and Chain Sprockets to shafts. Taper lock bushes are tapered, non-flanged, split bushings that can be fitted to the shaft to provide clamping force without the need for machine bored products to lock to the shaft. At Sprockets and chain.com we supply Taper Lock Bushes in both metric and imperial sizes. To ensure you get the right fit Taper Lock Bush for your operation please contact one of technical sales team to advise.